What do we expect from applicants?

So what do we expect from applicants?

Basic perimeters:
-You should be a lawful and a registered citizen of United States of Argonath
-You should have an up-to-date license of United States of Argonath
-You should not be in those groups which are not listed here
-You should have basic knowledge of operating vehicle and using weapons

Firstly about your conduct:
-You must be responsible of what you did. You should admit your mistakes and change it if you can.
-You should be punctual.
-You should not be doing any crimes, as mentioned at the new rule starting from 7th October, 2013

Secondly about your attitude:
-You should respect higher ranked personnel, and always follow their orders given
-You should not do any kind of trolling/provoking/flaming/shitting/insulting
-You should treat others how you would like to be treated
-You should be equal to others
-Racism against other players are strictly not allowed

Thirdly about your aim:
-You should not be only aiming for money-making. we strive to be one of the most professional group in Argonath RPG. We also want to be one of the best roleplay group
-You must not ask for higher ranks. We will promote personnel according to their performance and behaviour. Asking for higher ranks would result in demotion, if you keep annoying higher ranks.

*Remember: “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” – Winston Churchill

Following these would help make a good application and would definitely raise your chances. If you feel you are still confident that you can overcome challenges and follow the rules above, check this out.

Lastly, the ADF Command wish you good luck in your application.

Ronald Gloucester
Leader of ADF Recruitment Team

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