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[INFO] Rules of Engagement - bdogg123 - 01-20-2013 11:07 AM

[Image: adf2.png] Rules of Engagement
ADF Head Office, Area 69, Argonath
Recruitment Office, San Fierro Naval Compound, Argonath

General Hells, B

This document outlines when a soldier of Argonath Defense Force is/isn't permitted to engage a target or a civilian, with what type of force is needed for each situation. The following regulations must be strictly obeyed at all times while wearing the Argonath Defense Force Uniform of any kind.

A. You have the right to use force to defend yourself against attacks or threats of attack with lethal force only when C doesn't apply.

B. Hostile fire may/will be returned upon effectively and promptly to stop any hostile act.

C. When ADF Forces are attacked by an unarmed hostile(s) non-lethal force must be used under all circumstances until threat changes from unarmed.

D. You may not Seize the property of others to accomplish your mission

E. Detention of civilians is authorized for security reasons or in self-defense ONLY


General Hells, B
ADF Head Office Administration

RE: [INFO] Rules of Engagement - Marcel - 07-21-2015 11:47 AM

These rules of engagement are considered out of order while no operations are authorised.

Please stand-by for further information.