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[Image: sealhk.png] Recruitment Center
Area 69, Argonath
Naval Compound SF, Argonath
Ocean Docks LS, Argonath

[font=courier]Command staff

We welcome you to the official recruitment center. In-order to apply you will have to go through the following stages and follow several procedures and rules.

1.0) Process
You will, as an applicant go through several processes. Read below for further information.

1.1) Posting an Application
Refer to "4.0) Application Form" for information about this

1.2) Basic Review
After you post an application, we will make a basic scan on your application to confirm if you followed our guide or are at least qualifying for the next stage. In-order to qualify for the next stage, you can refer to "3.0) Expectations". Once this is done, we will notify you either your application is noted (view the rest of "1.0) Process" for more information) and will be discussed or you will be denied.

1.3) Discussion
When you are notified that your application is noted. We will behind the scenes discuss you and your application. If you are capable of going through the recruit phase (which will help in development as it may have constructive criticism and other help) and able to pass it you will be considered for the next stage. 

1.4) Interview
After a brief discussion, you will be interviewed by an ADF Command Member. To see if you are really capable to be an ADF Recruit, and if you are ready for future challenges ahead in your ADF career.

1.5) Verdict?
When your discussion and interview are over and we consider the next application verdict wave should come we start preparing. Those applications that we were not able to discuss within time will be announced pending (pending is when we believe the application does not qualify to be accepted or currently has issues to be sorted out we set it pending for the next wave) prior to the announcement of verdicts. Once everything is ready we start to accept people who have qualified for the recruit phase. We deny those whom we believe cannot improve or cannot improve in the nearing future. Those people who are accepted/denied can refer to "3.0) Expectations" for more information.

2.0) Rules

We have several rules and regulations in ADF in-order to maintain order and balance. These rules are visible to private and above and therefore are secluded. As an applicant, you too have to follow several rules. These are;
  • Honesty
  • Writing your application yourself, WITHOUT copying others.
  • No Provoking, Flaming, or anything related/
  • Discipline and Professionalism
  • Do NOT bug our members in-game for anything. Stay patient.
  • Remain patient at all times
  • Accepting orders without questioning them and answer questions without questioning them.

2.1) Groups Disallowed

The ADF does not accept a criminal, known to be disrespectful and usually rule-breaking clan or group. ADF neither accepts F.B.I or S.W.A.T.

3.0) Expectations And The Future

We expect from you is a disciplined, dedicated, professional and patient behavior. Of course, we will do a lot of paperwork before considering you. Therefore you must at least have potential of this behavior or have one already. In the future you will go through constructive criticism and a lot of work. You must be mentally be prepared and raise a helping hand instead of whining off. You will, in different work, phases, situations come across that the command does NOT tolerate lying (includes the 'not telling' thing as well) or whining (complaining or agreeing to useless complaints included).

4.0) Application Form
In-order to initiate the process of becoming an ADF member, you must click on 'New Topic'. Then copy and paste the form below and fill it in. Once you are done, go through the rest of this topic and when you are finished, click on 'Post' to become an applicant and successfully post your application for review.

You must answer truthfully in all of your answers, failure to do so will result in an instant denial of your application!

If you are making an application:
ADF Application :: (Name)

If you are making a reinstatement:
ADF Reinstatement :: (Name)

[color=black][size=4][b]1.0) Personal Info[/b][/size][/color]

[b]1.1 IG Name:[/b] [Answer]
[b]1.2 Previous Names:[/b] [Answer]
[b]1.3 Link to [url=http://panel.argonathrpg.eu/]Argopanel[/url] profile:[/b] [Answer]
[b]1.4 What is your country, and what is your time zone(in GMT)[/b] [Answer]
[b]1.5 Why do you want to join ADF? And why should ADF select you? [i](Minimum 80 words)[/i][/b] [Answer]

[color=black][size=4][b]2.0) Eligibility[/b][/size][/color]

[b]2.1 Are you a citizen of Argonath(Passport)?:[/b] [Answer]
[b]2.2 If so, how long for?(/whenmade)?:[/b] [Answer]
[b]2.3 Do you hold a valid driving license?:[/b] [Answer]
[b]2.4 Previous Clans/Gangs/Groups:[/b] [Answer]
[b]2.5 Punishment History:[/b] [Answer]

[color=black][size=4][b]3.0) Contract[/b][/size][/color]

I [i]{name}[/i], agree to the following.
[*]To serve ADF to the best of my ability.
[*]To represent ADF in an honourable fashion.
[*]To honour a citizens life over my own.
[*]To always respect one another, especially my commanding officer.
[*]To abide by the ADF's official rules, regulations and guidelines.
[*]And to receive a punishment in the way of a court marshal, suspension and/or even dismissal if I break this contract.
[i][font=Trebuchet MS]{Signature}[/font][/i]

The command wishes you luck. Any questions you consider not to be said in public view can be directed to the academy head.
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